Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm sitting at Corner Bakery trying to get some work done between Cole's sporting events, and an older gentleman just came up and gave me a lovely sketch he did of me on a napkin. I was so flattered. How nice that he had been sitting there watching me and thought enough to draw this nice sketch. He even asked my name and wrote "Beautiful Laura" on it. At this point, being called "beautiful" by any man - no matter how old and crooked his teeth are - makes me very happy.

But then I just noticed that one of the older women playing bridge ALSO has one of his sketches. Huh. He wasn't just noticing me. My vanity had to know if he had written "beautiful" on hers. I couldn't help it. I casually walked by her table and saw that hers had the word "sexy" above her name. SEXY? WTH?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I am at least 20 years younger than that woman and have at least 20 fewer wrinkles. Once again my pride has been kicked right out of me, which I probably needed. Don't you hate that whole sanctification thing?

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PinkLemonade said...

hey look at it this way -- you think your life is over now and you're just on a timeclock for death? no sirree bob. you're just "beautiful" now but if you play your cards right, maybe you'll age into "sexy." I don't know, sounds more fun than luby's.